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Flight Patterns

by Dorothy Spears

These writings exude the primal fear and cool perspective that can only come from seeing the world—and one’s own life—from a great distance. Flight Patterns renders…

The Fatal Eggs and Other Soviet Satires

by Mirra Ginsburg

“A fascinating panorama of a paradoxical society. All of the stories, whether lightly spoofing rattlebrained bureaucracy or heavily laden with sarcasm, are well-written and…

Fathers and Sons

by David Seybold

‘members of the men’s movement who have ambiguous, ill- or unexpressed feelings about their dead fathers or harbor troubling tendernesses toward their sons may…


by B. Delores Max

“Consists of well-written, timeless stories about the pain of everyday life, and one doesn’t need to be brokenhearted to identify with them. . ….

The Crazy Iris and Other Stories from the Atomic Aftermath

by Kenzaburo Oe

“In compiling this anthology I have come to realize anew that the short stories included herein are”a means for stirring our imaginative powers to…

Chairman Mao Would Not Be Amused

by Howard Goldblatt

“In contrast to the utopian official literature of Communist China, the stories in this wide-ranging collection marshal wry humor, entangled sex, urban alienation, nasty…

Book of Songs

by Arthur Waley

“Of all the translations, the highest achievement is Mr. Arthur Waley’s’. A triumph at once of poetry and scholarship.” –The Observer (London)


by David Seybold

“Write your name all over the endpapers first. This anthology is a definite keeper.” –San Diego Tribune

Anthology of Chinese Literature, Vol. 2

by Cyril Birch

“The best anthology of Chinese literature in English translation in recent years.” —The Asian Student

Anthology of Japanese Literature

by Donald Keene

The sweep of Japanese literature in all its great variety was made available to Western readers for the first time in this anthology.