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An Arabian Journey

by Levison Wood

From award-winning TV adventurer and best-selling travel writer Levison Wood, an enthralling account of his expedition around the Arabian Peninsula, from Iraq to Lebanon.

Walking the Americas

by Levison Wood

A breathtaking journey across some of the most diverse and unpredictable regions on earth.

Running in Place

by Nicholas Delbanco

“Delbanco writes beautifully. . . . It’s hard to imagine a better eye than Delbanco’s through which to see another part of the world.”…

Wish You Weren’t Here

by Cecil Kuhne

“A collection of 21 hilarious travel essays describing the worst travel experiences of some very funny writers.” —Judy Babcock Wylie, Chicago Daily Herald

Wild People

by Andro Linklater

“[Linklater] presents anthropology without the jargon here, an honest and often humorous look at the Ibans’ way of life and that of the modern…

Walking the Nile

by Levison Wood

An account of the author’s pioneering walk along the length of the Nile, “an immense feat of endurance, a magnificent journey and a great…

Venice for Lovers

by Louis Begley

“Refreshing and delightful. Begley and Muhlstein manage to combine in one volume the innocent ardor of a first-time visitor and the seasoned appreciation of…

Under a Sickle Moon

by Peregrine Hodson

“In this well-written, vivid, poignant account, he paints a portrait of a struggle that seems to resemble the Vietnamese battle against U.S. forces 20…

Tribes with Flags

by Charles Glass

“Tribes with Flags is a book you will want to open time and again. Charlie Glass has a great travel writer’s eye. By capturing…

Tracks Across Alaska

by Alastair Scott

“A superb book . . . . Few can duplicate Mr. Scott’s ability to relate a provocative adventure.” –The New York Times Book Review