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Tracks Across Alaska

by Alastair Scott

“A superb book . . . . Few can duplicate Mr. Scott’s ability to relate a provocative adventure.” –The New York Times Book Review

To the Elephant Graveyard

by Tarquin Hall

“To see wild India from the vantage point of an elephant’s back is thrilling. And what becomes of the rogue and the reasons for…

Things You Get for Free

by Michael McGirr

“Things You Get For Free isn’t just an amusing travelogue; it’s also full of the sorts of stories we all can tell about our…

Stories I Stole

by Wendell Steavenson

“In [a] kind of smoky, calculated, impressionistic prose, Steavenson delivers precise Post-It notes rather than post cards, photographs that fall easily into the “Where…

Naked at Lunch

by Mark Haskell Smith

From naked grocery shopping to the Big Nude Boat, a comic novelist turned narrative journalist lays bare the world of the nudist.

My Venice and Other Essays

by Donna Leon

“Leon . . . takes both loving and jaundiced looks at Italy and the United States, music, men and many other subjects in My…

Music in Every Room

by John Krich

“Absolutely marvelous…a kind of Divine Comedy in which everyone has strayed from the straight path, and we are all punished for the sins of…

Malaria Dreams

by Stuart Stevens

“One of the funniest tales of misadventure to come along in quite a while. . . . Mr. Stevens has a wonderful eye for…

Living in a Foreign Language

by Michael Tucker

“A satisfying look into the good life.” —Publishers Weekly

Kingdoms in the Air

by Bob Shacochis

Collected for the first time ever: thirteen of National Book Award winner and trailblazing war journalist Bob Shacochis’s travel and adventure essays that span…