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A Taste of Honey

by Shelagh Delaney

“A remarkable play”. . .by an “original exuberant writer with a wonderful ear for a theatrical line. . . .” –Mollie Panter-Downes, New Yorker

A Short History of Snakes

by Alan Jenkins

“A spiritual-sexual autobiography. . . . [A Short History of Snakes] is a poetry constantly pursuing the voluptuous, even voyeuristically, watching itself in the…

Shorter Plays Theatrical Notebooks

by Samuel Beckett

“A gold mine for Beckett fans who wish to dig for anecdotes, incidents, allusions, and analogies that appear throughout almost everything he wrote ….


by Tom Stoppard

“Both a mesmerizing history lesson and a theatergoing discovery, leaving you dazzled, dazed and off to the theater bookstore to delve into this period…

Shakespeare in Love

by Tom Stoppard

The long-awaited stage adaptation of the film that won seven Academy Awards including Best Picture, Shakespeare in Love.

Shaler’s Fish

by Helen Macdonald

From the New York Times bestselling author of H Is for Hawk, a debut collection of poems rooted in the natural world.

The Secret Rapture and Other Plays

by David Hare

“Mr. Hare’s A Map of the World, which passionately embraces utopia without arrogantly presuming to annex it, is original and provocative.” –The New York…

The Selected Works of Samuel Beckett

by Samuel Beckett

“Beckett’s writings constitute probably the most significant body of work produced by a twentieth-century author, in that they’re taken to signify the greatest number…

The Real Inspector Hound and Other Plays

by Tom Stoppard

“The incorrigibly playful Stoppard has never been more serious than in this most playful of his works [Dogg’s Hamlet and Cahoot’s Macbeth]. Like George…

Pirandello’s Henry IV

by Luigi Pirandello

‘stoppard in his new pared-down, updated, and racily colloquial adaptation, finds both the intellectual rigor and the dramatic momentum and presents us with a…