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Women in Love and Other Dramatic Writings

by Larry Kramer

“A valuable showcase of an important writer’s early career. . . . The centerpiece of the book is Kramer’s masterful script for Women in…

We’re No Angels

by David Mamet

With this screenplay David Mamet gives the traditional prison-break story his special blend of gripping suspense, slapdash buffoonery, and ingenious plotting.

True Romance

by Quentin Tarantino

“Tarantino creates a world of tough guys, bravado, lurid melodrama, easy women, betrayal, guns and drugs. . . . The energy and style of…

Trip to Bountiful, Tender Mercies, To Kill a Mockingbird

by Horton Foote

A collection of Horton Foote’s best-known and most-loved screenplays, revealing the deep currents of American society through the simplest details of daily life.

Things Change

by David Mamet

This screenplay is a humorous burlesque of the American Dream tinged with bitter irony. It is the second film to be directed from his…

Thelma & Louise and Something to Talk About

by Callie Khouri

“Their adventures, while tinged with the fatalism that attends any crime spree, have the thrilling, life-affirming energy for which the best road movies are…

Stealing Beauty

by Susan Minot

“Stealing Beauty is a joy to behold . . . a richly satisfying chamber piece that is both literary and utterly contemporary. . ….

Some Mother’s Son

by Terry George

“Powerful, harrowing and honest–a drama about ordinary people caught up in the Irish “troubles’ . . . An important movie, full of mourning, anger…


by Richard Stratton

“Brace yourself for a slam-dunk of a movie . . . [Slam] makes Godard’s Breathless look like a cartoon. . . . Independent filmmaking…


by Jan Sardi

“Shine is a triumphant story, rich in accessible but not overdone emotions. In many ways, it’s a throwback to the best kinds of Hollywood…