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Reservoir Dogs

by Quentin Tarantino

“Quentin Tarantino [is] the poet laureate of Bad Boy Chic. His brassy debut as a writer-director, Reservoir Dogs, brought so much spirited energy and…

The Proust Screenplay

by Harold Pinter

A unique collaboration between two extraordinary writers united across more than half a century and two different cultures by a special concern for time…

The Player

by Michael Tolkin

“One of the most wounding and satirical of all Hollywood expos’s: dark and mordant . . . savage. . . . A portrait of…

The Player, The Rapture, The New Age

by Michael Tolkin

The Player: “A masterpiece! One of the smartest, funniest, most penetrating movies about moviemaking ever made.” –Steven Schiff, Vanity Fair

Natural Born Killers

by Quentin Tarantino

This original screenplay offers fans and film buffs the opportunity to compare Tarantino’s original vision with Oliver Stone’s version of the story of Mickey…

My Dinner with Andre

by Wallace Shawn

“A tussle between romance and realism, imagination and sense, spirit and body…An enjoyably elaborated argument between an articulate Don Quixote and a humorous Sancho…

Moonstruck, Joe Versus the Volcano, and Five Corners

by John Patrick Shanley

On Joe Versus the Volcano: “Witty, disarming, and beautiful, Joe is the tip-off that John Patrick Shanley is at least as distinctive a director…

L.A. Story & Roxanne

by Steve Martin

“Behind the clownish make-up, Steve Martin gives a sweet and serious performance as a latter-day Cyrano de Bergerac in Roxanne. It’s easy to see…

I Shot Andy Warhol

by Mary Harron

“It’s dazzling and serious, with flurries of impulse playing around a persistent core of madness. . . . Harron comprehends and dramatizes the milieu…

House of Games

by David Mamet

“A wonderfully devious comedy. . . . Mr. Mamet . . . makes a fine, completely self-assured debut . . .” –Vincent Canby, The…