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The Vampires

by John Rechy

On a beautiful private island somewhere in the Caribbean, the rituals of witchcraft and Satanism suddenly take over the lives of a group of…


by John Rechy

“A major American novelist writing at the peak of his powers.” –Richard Hall, The San Francisco Chronicle Book Review

Word Virus

by William S. Burroughs

“Word Virus: The Williams S. Burroughs Reader finally brings the author’s actual writing back to the forefront. In their selections, editors James Grauerholz and…

The Wild Boys

by William S. Burroughs

“In Burroughs’ hands, writing reverts to acts of magic, as though he were making some enormous infernal encyclopedia of all the black impulses and…

The Waterfront Journals

by David Wojnarowicz

“[Wojnarowicz is] a spokesman for the unspeakable.”–New York


by Dennis Cooper

“Written in Mr. Cooper’s taut, chillingly ironic prose. . . Try is about a world under severe emotional repression–a fascistic world of pure sadistic…


by Johanna Sinisalo

“[An] imaginative and engaging novel of urban fantasy. . . . Overlapping narrative voices nicely underscore the moral of Sinisalo’s ingeniously constructed fable: The…