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Junk Mail

by Will Self

“As a travel writer’self is out to reinvent the form… Enjoy yourself.” –Mark Costello, The New York Times Book Review

Holidays in Hell

by P. J. O'Rourke

“A spin with P.J. O’Rourke is like a ride in the back of an old pickup over unpaved roads. You get where you’re going…


by Dagoberto Gilb

“[Gritos] is a collection about prejudice and pride, told with the flair of a storyteller known for his fiction. . . . [Gilb’s] prose…

The Face of War

by Martha Gellhorn

“A brilliant anti-war book that is as fresh as if written for this morning. Seldom can a correspondent assemble past writings from various locations…

Beyond the Game

by Gary Smith

“A book you should read . . . Smith weaves stories of heroes and anti-heroes alike with grace and compassion, getting inside his subjects…

The Best of Plimpton

by George Plimpton

“Plimpton, the professional amateur, the dashing public hero, is first and best a writer.” –The New Yorker

The Beholder’s Eye

by Walt Harrington

“Aims to dispel the old journalistic clich”: that a journalist writing about him/herself is always ‘self-indulgent and, quite likely, narcissistic.” He couldn’t have put together a better lineup of writers to make the point that it doesn’t have to be. . . . Not just some of the country’s finest…

American Gangster

by Mark Jacobson

“Whether covering the high life or lowlifes, Jacobson boasts a novelistic eye and muscular prose in the tradition of urban chroniclers like Joseph Mitchell,…


by Hugh Miles

“A detailed, absorbing look at the organization, the world it covers and the international media. . . . In describing Al Jazeera’s rise, Miles illuminates the shaky balance the channel has attempted to strike between Arab thought and Western influences.” –Publishers Weekly…