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Road Work

by Mark Bowden

“[Bowden] excels at sharply drawn, painstakingly reported stories about losers, oddballs and con men. . . . Fashioning prose that reads like good fiction, with the bonus that his stories…

Where We Have Hope

by Andrew Meldrum

“Gripping . . . Meldrum provides names, faces and photographs of the players involved. . . . His firsthand experience of the horrors adds…

War Reporting for Cowards

by Chris Ayres

…bout of cowardice he managed to record the event with grace. . . . War Reporting for Cowards reminded me of the granddaddy of the genre, Evelyn Waugh’s novel Scoop, and that Ayres’s book can be mentioned in the same sentence is a tribute. . . . The truly indispensable…

The View from the Ground

by Martha Gellhorn

“Wide-ranging and provocative, a blend of cool lyricism and fiery emotion, alternately prickly and welcoming, funny and stern, they areproof enough that Gellhorn is…

Teenage Hipster in the Modern World

by Mark Jacobson

“In his vibrant, pulsing journalism, Mark Jacobson consistently displays the essential quality of a great musician: the sense of surprise. He looks, he listens,…


by Diana Athill

‘diana Athill has a delightful way with the English language–crisp, scrupulously honest, precise and without a micron of self-indulgence. . . . Luckily for…

Smells Like Dead Elephants

by Matt Taibbi

“A political reporter with the gonzo spirit that made Hunter S. Thompson and P. J. O’Rourke so much fun . . . Taibbi also…

Open Secrets

by The New York Times Staff

Featuring the complete and updated coverage by The New York Times of WikiLeaks and the confidential documents they released, Open Secrets is a must-read…


by Russell Miller

‘miller deftly conveys the excitement of being a photojournalist at a time when world events were unfolding at a furious pace . . ….

The Lion’s Grave

by Jon Lee Anderson

“Vital, eminently readable. . . . Anderson is a good, plain writer with an eye for detail.” –Wally Hammond, Time Out London (UK)