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The Unvanquished

by Patrick K. O'Donnell

From the bestselling author of The Indispensables, the unknown and dramatic story of irregular guerrilla warfare that altered the course of the Civil War…

The Indispensables

by Patrick K. O'Donnell

From the bestselling author of Washington’s Immortals and The Unknowns, an important new chronicle of the American Revolution heralding the heroic actions of the…

The Rise of the G.I. Army, 1940-1941

by Paul Dickson

The dramatic, untold story of how the American Army was mobilized from scattered outposts two years before Pearl Harbor into the disciplined and mobile…

Big Week

by James Holland

From acclaimed military historian James Holland, the vivid and dramatic story of the Allied air campaign that paved the way for D-Day

The Unknowns

by Patrick K. O'Donnell

The award-winning author of Washington’s Immortals offers a searing narrative that takes readers into the heart of combat in the Great War….

Hue 1968

by Mark Bowden

From “a master of narrative journalism” (New York Times Book Review), a riveting history of the biggest and bloodiest battle of the Vietnam War.

The Rise of Germany, 1939-1941

by James Holland

The first volume in a major, wide-ranging three-volume revisionist history of World War II in Europe, North Africa, and the Atlantic from a highly…

Washington’s Immortals

by Patrick K. O'Donnell

From a bestselling military historian, the story of the Revolutionary War told through a band of brothers whose actions at key battles from Brooklyn…

The Three Battles of Wanat

by Mark Bowden

From one of the nation’s top journalists, a fascinating and thought-provoking collection of war reportage and other pieces for the Atlantic, Vanity Fair, and…

The Immaculate Invasion

by Bob Shacochis

“An unforgettable mixture of hard journalism and sharp commentary that captures much of the absurdity and futility of the 1994 American-led U.N. invasion of…