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The Unknowns

by Patrick K. O'Donnell

The award-winning author of Washington’s Immortals offers a searing narrative that takes readers into the heart of combat in the Great War….

Victory 1918

by Alan Palmer

…muck and mire of France. . . . [It] provides food for thought and reflection on the futility of war as an instrument of policy.” –Norman N. Brown, Chicago Tribune…

The Trigger

by Tim Butcher

“The most original of First World War centenary books. . . . A travel narrative of rare resonance and insight.” —Sunday Times (UK)

A Storm in Flanders

by Winston Groom

A reissue from the bestselling author of Forrest Gump, A Storm in Flanders is a fascinating history of the four-year battle of Ypres, the most notorious and dreaded place in all of World War I….

The Perfect Summer

by Juliet Nicolson

“Sharp and rangy. . . . Nicolson sets a lively, theatrical pace and makes good use of recurring characters. . . . [There are]…

First to Fly

by Charles Bracelen Flood

From a critically acclaimed historian, the lively story of the American pilots who defied neutrality and flew for France before the United States entered…


by Frances Itani

“Moving and memorable. . . . Itani is an artist who understands what to include and what to leave out, when to whisper and when to shout. . . . Hers is a fiction of quiet but steady revelation. . . . Itani’s writing is merely breathtaking.” –Dan Cryer, Newsday…