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Wilmington’s Lie

by David Zucchino

From Pulitzer Prize-winner David Zucchino comes a crucial account of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, an extraordinary event in our history that is virtually…

Wagons West

by Frank McLynn

“Fascinating. . . . McLynn, an Englishman, is new to the West, but he turns this seeming liability into a strength. . . ….

The Unknown Night

by Glyn Vincent

“The best book yet written about this neglected and fascinating American painter. . . . Vincent does an excellent job of providing context for…

Toward the Setting Sun

by Brian Hicks

“In this powerful and engaging new book, Brian Hicks tells the compelling story of Chief John Ross and the tragedy of the Cherokee Nation….

The Titled Americans

by Elisabeth Kehoe

“Both a remarkable achievement and a real treat . . . written with elegance. . . . American and British readers interested in genealogy…

The Poker Bride

by Christopher Corbett

“The Poker Bride is a gorgeously written and brilliantly researched saga of America during the mad flush of its biggest Gold Rush. Christopher Corbett’s…

The Lost German Slave Girl

by John Bailey

“Bailey has the gifts of a novelist and a readiness to blend fact and conjecture . . . with the result that The Lost…

The Great Divorce

by Ilyon Woo

“Modern Americans, bombarded with stories of celebrity divorces, probably assume that the tabloid breakup is a recent phenomenon. This lively, well-written and engrossing tale…

A Few Stout Individuals

by John Guare

“Vivacious. Individuals is . . . so unmistakably the product of Mr. Guare’s exotic yet very American imagination.” —Ben Brantley, The New York Times

America’s Lost Treasure

by Tommy Thompson

This volume shows the successful recovery of artifacts from a ship that sank in 1857 carrying gold from the rich California mines.