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Israel’s Secret Wars

“[Ian Black and Benny Morris] are the most serious and comprehensive chroniclers of Israeli intelligence to date.” –The New York Times Book Review

The Immaculate Invasion

“An unforgettable mixture of hard journalism and sharp commentary that captures much of the absurdity and futility of the 1994 American-led U.N. invasion of…

The Finish

In his most important and commercial book since Black Hawk Down, Mark Bowden chronicles the killing of the most hated figure of the twenty-first…

First to Fly

From a critically acclaimed historian, the lively story of the American pilots who defied neutrality and flew for France before the United States entered…

Dam Busters

“Dam Busters describes the maneuvering that went on behind the scenes before one of Britain’s most important efforts to cripple the Nazi war machine….

Crossing the Rhine

From one of the world’s leading military historians comes a thrilling and richly detailed account of the two most critical offensives in World War…

Charlie Wilson’s War

“Americans often ask: ‘Where have all the heroes gone?’ Well a lot of them come roaring through in this tour de force of reporting…


From a well-regarded military historian, a riveting and richly detailed reassessment of one of the most shocking military victories of all time.