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Spring Creek

by Nick Lyons

“The waters of Spring Creek run deep with many messages, some of them sharp and others subtle, but all deftly conveyed in Nick Lyons’…

The Seasonable Angler

by Nick Lyons

“There’s one way to tell a Nick Lyons fan: just hand one of us a copy of Fly Fisherman magazine. It doesn’t matter how…

The Seasons of the Angler

by David Seybold

“The authors whose work Mr. Seybold has collected in this fisherman’s anthology have created an astonishing variety of effects from their basically limited means–a…

My Secret Fishing Life

by Nick Lyons

“I love Nick Lyons’s books. Every sentence is so full and ripe with whatever it is that keeps us fishing–and the minute-by-minute surprise and delight of it.” –Ted Hughes, former…

If You Didn’t Bring Jerky, What Did I Just Eat?

by Bill Heavey

“[Heavey’s] writing is funny, poignant, acerbic and, best of all, always alert to the absurdities of life. This is a book that will be…

Full Creel

by Nick Lyons

“Nick Lyons’s impressive narrative skills are on full display, making readers not only see but feel the nuances of the angler’s art and the watery stages on which they’re played out.” –The Wall Street Journal…

A Flyfisher’s World

by Nick Lyons

“These are not how-to, where-to-go pieces of outdoor writing, but well-crafted essays on a life lived with fly-fishing, and thoughts of fly-fishing never far…

Confessions of a Fly Fishing Addict

by Nick Lyons

“Bravo for the Confessions, from one addict to another! Nick Lyons is quite simply the tops, in stylish prose, gentle wit, and accumulated wisdom….

The Big One

by David Kinney

“The Big One is a rollicking true story of a grand American obsession. You don’t have to be a fisherman to relish David Kinney’s…