Literary Criticism

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December 2023

How to Draw a Novel

by Martín Solares

December 2023

The Invention of Love

by Tom Stoppard

February 2019


by Michelle Dean

August 2017

From Holmes to Sherlock

by Mattias Boström

April 2017

The Best Minds of My Generation

by Allen Ginsberg

February 2017


by Sayed Kashua

February 2011

Shakespeare’s Lost Kingdom

by Charles Beauclerk

May 2010

The Whole Five Feet

by Christopher Beha

March 2009

Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey

by Alberto Manguel

February 2009


by Anton Chekhov

February 2009

The Flowers

by Dagoberto Gilb

January 2009

The Cherry Orchard (Stoppard)

by Anton Chekhov

December 2004

Cleopatra Dismounts

by Carmen Boullosa

April 2003

Bohemian Paris

by Dan Franck

June 2002

Leaving Tabasco

by Carmen Boullosa

February 2002

Woodcuts of Women

by Dagoberto Gilb

March 2001

They’re Cows, We’re Pigs

by Carmen Boullosa

February 2001


by Henri Troyat

September 2000

Surreal Lives

by Ruth Brandon

March 1999

Indaba, My Children

by Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa

April 1998

The Judas Kiss

by David Hare

October 1995

The Last Known Residence of Mickey Acuna

by Dagoberto Gilb

September 1994

The Magic of Blood

by Dagoberto Gilb

May 1989

The Three Sisters

by Anton Chekhov

May 1989

Uncle Vanya

by Anton Chekhov

April 1989

The Labyrinth of Solitude and Other Writings

by Octavio Paz

May 1984


by Samuel Beckett

September 1977

The Cherry Orchard (Mamet)

by Anton Chekhov