Grove Paperback

1835 books
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June 1992

100 Poems by 100 Poets

by Harold Pinter

November 1959

100 Selected Poems

by e.e. cummings

February 2023

12 Bytes

by Jeanette Winterson

April 2004

12,000 Miles in the Nick of Time

by Mark Jacobson

June 1967

The 120 Days of Sodom and Other Writings

by Marquis de Sade

March 2006


by Frank McLynn

May 2006


by Winston Groom

September 2001


by Thulani Davis

October 2022


by Val McDermid

October 2022


by Val McDermid

February 2001

The 50 Most Romantic Things Ever Done

by Dini von Mueffling

September 2021

A Cry from the Far Middle

by P. J. O'Rourke

November 2021

A Galway Epiphany

by Ken Bruen

March 2019

A Good Day to Die

by Jim Harrison

October 2019

A History of France

by John Julius Norwich

May 2022

A Visitation of Spirits

by Randall Kenan

March 1998

a: A Novel

by Andy Warhol

February 2002

A.J. Ayer

by Ben Rogers

May 2018

About Face

by Donna Leon

November 2000

About Harry Towns

by Bruce Jay Friedman

March 2009

About My Life and the Kept Woman

by John Rechy

November 2011

The Accident

by Ismail Kadare

January 2018

The Accusation

by Bandi

May 1992

Acid Dreams

by Martin Lee

March 2013

Acqua Alta

by Donna Leon

October 1996

Act of the Damned

by António Lobo Antunes

June 2000

Adam Resurrected

by Yoram Kaniuk

November 2013

The Adding Machine

by William S. Burroughs

April 2006

Adios Hemingway

by Leonardo Padura Fuentes

March 2004

The Adventures of Lucky Pierre

by Robert Coover

September 2003

The Adventures of Miles and Isabel

by Tom Gilling

February 2018

After the Blue Hour

by John Rechy

January 2010

After You’ve Gone

by Jeffrey Lent

September 2018

Afterglow (a dog memoir)

by Eileen Myles

September 2018

The Age of Perpetual Light

by Josh Weil

May 2018

The Age of the Horse

by Susanna Forrest

June 2015

Agent Storm

by Morten Storm

March 1994


by Barry Hannah

February 2006


by Hugh Miles

January 2003

Alexander of Russia

by Henri Troyat

August 2004

Alexander the Great

by Lewis V. Cummings

April 2013

Alif the Unseen

by G. Willow Wilson

July 2018

All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses an Eye

by Christopher Brookmyre

December 2017

All Joe Knight

by Kevin Morris

November 2002

All That Counts

by Georg M. Oswald

August 2014

All the Way

by Robert Schenkkan

November 2021

All the Young Men

by Ruth Coker Burks

February 2017

All Tomorrow’s Parties

by Rob Spillman

January 2000

Allan Stein

by Matthew Stadler

October 2018

The Allies Strike Back, 1941-1943

by James Holland

May 2006

The Almond

by Nedjma

May 1983

Alone With Others

by Stephen Batchelor

April 2023

Also a Poet

by Ada Calhoun

February 1997


by Jack Womack

June 1971

Amedee, The New Tenant, Victims of Duty

by Eugene Ionesco

June 2015


by Andy Warhol

April 2001

America Hurrah and Other Plays

by Jean-Claude van Itallie

September 1977

American Buffalo

by David Mamet

December 1988

The American Clock & The Archbishop’s Ceiling

by Arthur Miller

October 2007

American Gangster

by Mark Jacobson

September 2007

The American Home Front: 1941-1942

by Alistair Cooke

February 2005

American Nomads

by Richard Grant

June 2002

Among the Dead

by Michael Tolkin

November 2013

Among the Islands

by Tim Flannery

April 2006

The Amphora Project

by William Kotzwinkle

September 2018


by Banana Yoshimoto

December 2019

An Arabian Journey

by Levison Wood

December 2022

Anatomy of 55 More Songs

by Marc Myers

November 2017

Anatomy of a Song

by Marc Myers

September 2007

Ancestor Stones

by Aminatta Forna

March 2017

The Ancient Minstrel

by Jim Harrison

November 2009

And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks

by William S. Burroughs

November 2002

And the War Is Over

by Ismail Marahimin

September 2000

And They Shall Be My People

by Paul Wilkes

April 2010

Anderson’s Ché Guevara

by Jon Lee Anderson

October 2017

The Angel of History

by Rabih Alameddine

August 2020


by Jean-Baptiste Del Amo

September 2002

The Answer Is Never

by Jocko Weyland

June 2002


by Claire Keegan

August 1988

Anthology of Chinese Literature, Vol. 1

by Cyril Birch

July 1972

Anthology of Chinese Literature, Vol. 2

by Cyril Birch

February 1955

Anthology of Japanese Literature

by Donald Keene

October 2007


by Lloyd Clark

May 2010


by Edward Macy

January 2016


by David Vann

December 2004

Arafat’s War

by Efraim Karsh

March 2002


by Marc Woodworth

July 2017


by Tom Stoppard

May 2003

The Arch of Desire

by Vincent Muñoz Puelles

April 1999

Archeology of the Circle

by Bruce Weigl

January 2023

Architects of an American Landscape

by Hugh Howard

March 1994

Are You Mine?

by Abby Frucht

June 2009


by John Brandon

November 2000

Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God

by Jonah Blank

October 2002

The Art and Power of Being a Lady

by Noelle Cleary

April 2020

The Art of Political Murder

by Francisco Goldman

October 2001


by Alexandra Lapierre

April 1997

Ashes to Ashes

by Harold Pinter

September 2008

Asian Godfathers

by Joe Studwell

August 2001


by Banana Yoshimoto

September 2012

Assassins of the Turquoise Palace

by Roya Hakakian

January 1998

The Assault on Tony’s

by John O'Brien

April 2020

At Briarwood School for Girls

by Michael Knight

September 2000

At the Full and Change of the Moon

by Dionne Brand

October 2016

Atmosphere of Hope

by Tim Flannery

February 1988

Au Revoir Les Enfants

by Louis Malle

May 2004

August Frost

by Monique Roffey

November 1985

Aunt Dan and Lemon

by Wallace Shawn

June 2004

Auto da Fay

by Fay Weldon

September 1998

The Autobiography of a Tibetan Monk

by Palden Gyatso

September 2021

The Awkward Black Man

by Walter Mosley

November 2001

Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom

by Nik Cohn

June 2018


by Roxane Gay

June 1964

Baal, A Man’s a Man

by Bertolt Brecht

January 2011

Baba Yaga Laid an Egg

by Dubravka Ugresic

December 2019


by Gaston Dorren

November 2014

The Baby Boom

by P. J. O'Rourke

December 2014

Back to Back

by Julia Franck

March 2004

Badger Games

by Jon A. Jackson

April 2003

Baise-Moi (Rape Me)

by Virginie Despentes