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Enemies and Neighbors

by Ian Black

From a longtime Guardian correspondent and editor, an expansive, authoritative, and balanced account of over a century of violent confrontation, war, and occupation in…

Saddam Hussein

by Efraim Karsh

“Karsh and Rautsi have set a standard for evidence and analytical rigor that other biographers will be hard-pressed to match… Not only do the…

War Reporting for Cowards

by Chris Ayres

“We find ourselves in good hands throughout the journey. . . . Once in a while his descriptions actually take on a terse Hemingwayesque…

Tribes with Flags

by Charles Glass

“Tribes with Flags is a book you will want to open time and again. Charlie Glass has a great travel writer’s eye. By capturing…

Thunder Run

by David Zucchino

“Zucchino paints a vivid picture of the battle by stiching together the narratives of soldiers, officers, generals and Iraqis whom he interviewed during and…


by Karl Sabbagh

“Relating the story of Palestine through his own family, Karl Sabbagh (the son of a Palestinian father and an English mother) gives a poignant,…

One Thousand Roads to Mecca

by Michael Wolfe

“Wolfe does an exemplary job of detailing the ceremonies performed at Mecca and the reasons behind them. The chosen excerpts give the readers a…

The Middle East and Islamic World Reader

by Marvin Gettleman

A broad-ranging survey of the Muslim world, newly revised and expanded to include the dramatic events of the Arab Spring.

The Hadj

by Michael Wolfe

“The most engaging of travel books . . . his pilgrimage will move people of all faiths–and of none at all, because it describes…

Guests of the Ayatollah

by Mark Bowden

“Heart-stopping, and heart-breaking.” —James Traub, New York Times Book Review