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May 2012

The Middle East and Islamic World Reader

by Marvin Gettleman

August 2011

The Great Divorce

by Ilyon Woo

May 2011

The Butterfly Mosque

by G. Willow Wilson

April 2011


by John Keay

April 2011

The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ

by Philip Pullman

February 2010

Confessions of a Mullah Warrior

by Masood Farivar

November 2008

The Bible

by Karen Armstrong

March 2008

The Qur’an

by Bruce Lawrence

October 2005

Fallen Order

by Karen Liebreich

April 2005

The Miracle Detective

by Randall Sullivan

January 2005

The Book of J

by David Rosenberg

May 2004

A Flock of Fools

by Kazuaki Tanahashi

March 2004

The Fruitful Darkness

by Joan Halifax

January 2004

A Place of Healing for the Soul

by Peter France

September 2003

The Heritage of the Bhikku

by Walpola Rahula

April 2003

Things You Get for Free

by Michael McGirr

November 2001

In Mysterious Ways

by Paul Wilkes

November 2001

On the Missionary Trail

by Tom Hiney

November 2000

Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God

by Jonah Blank

October 2000

Triumph of the Sparrow

by Lucien Stryk

September 2000

And They Shall Be My People

by Paul Wilkes

September 2000

A Joyful Noise

by Deborah Weisgall

February 1999

One Thousand Roads to Mecca

by Michael Wolfe

October 1998

The Hadj

by Michael Wolfe

September 1998

The Autobiography of a Tibetan Monk

by Palden Gyatso

February 1997

Reviving the Spirit

by Beverly Hall Lawrence

January 1995

Zen Poetry

by Lucien Stryk

March 1992


by Hans Torwesten

July 1989

Zen: Tradition and Transition

by Kenneth Kraft

February 1988

Zen Poems of China and Japan

by Lucien Stryk

September 1987

Essays in Zen Buddhism

by D.T. Suzuki

June 1984

Bankei Zen

by Peter Haskel

May 1983

Alone With Others

by Stephen Batchelor

April 1982

World of the Buddha

by Lucien Stryk

July 1976

Dropping Ashes On the Buddha

by Stephen Mitchell

June 1971

An Introduction to Zen Buddhism

by D.T. Suzuki

June 1971

Living Zen

by Robert Linssen

May 1969

Manual of Zen Buddhism

by D.T. Suzuki

May 1969

The Spirit of Zen

by Alan Watts

May 1969

What the Buddha Taught

by Walpola Rahula