U.S. History

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November 2020

Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago, and the Rise of America’s Xanadu

by Les Standiford

October 2020

Chicago’s Great Fire

by Carl Smith

September 2020

Tough Luck

by Richard Rosen

July 2020

The Rise of the G.I. Army, 1940-1941

by Paul Dickson

May 2020

The Black Cabinet

by Jill Watts

March 2020

Every Drop of Blood

by Ed Achorn

February 2020

El Norte

by Carrie Gibson

February 2020

Eight Days at Yalta

by Diana Preston

January 2020

Wilmington’s Lie

by David Zucchino

April 2018

Nineteen Sixty-Eight in America

by Charles Kaiser

October 2017

Playing Through the Whistle

by Scott Price

July 2017

To the New Owners

by Madeleine Blais

March 2017

Washington’s Immortals

by Patrick K. O'Donnell

February 2017

Neither Snow Nor Rain

by Devin Leonard

April 2016

1941: Fighting the Shadow War

by Marc Wortman

March 2016

Liberty’s First Crisis

by Charles Slack

January 2016

The Devil Is Here in These Hills

by James Green

June 2014


by Michael Daly

March 2014

Finding Florida

by T.D. Allman

February 2014

Exploding the Phone

by Phil Lapsley

February 2012


by Jonathan Gill

February 2012

Toward the Setting Sun

by Brian Hicks

August 2011

The Great Divorce

by Ilyon Woo

February 2011

The Poker Bride

by Christopher Corbett

July 2010

The Queen of the Ring

by Jeff Leen

October 2009

Old World, New World

by Kathleen Burk

February 2009

The Cosgrove Report

by G. J. A. O'Toole

September 2008

Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man

by Christopher Hitchens

April 2008

Land of Lincoln

by Andrew Ferguson

July 2006

The Great Hurricane: 1938

by Cherie Burns

January 2006

The Lost German Slave Girl

by John Bailey

November 2005

The Titled Americans

by Elisabeth Kehoe

September 2004


by David Von Drehle

March 2004

Shrouds of Glory

by Winston Groom

February 2004

Wagons West

by Frank McLynn

January 2004

The Unknown Night

by Glyn Vincent

May 2003

A Few Stout Individuals

by John Guare

February 2003

Tom Paine

by John Keane

February 2002

The Three Roosevelts

by James MacGregor Burns

January 2002

Bullwhip Days

by James Mellon